Self Awareness Study

cropped-rhyt-rekhit.jpgHekalu Ya UKUUNKI offers Self Awareness Study that focuses on spiritual development. During Self Awareness Study participants will utilize the following:

A 28-day system of focus and self development utilizing mathematics and meaning to measure a monthly count that continuously instills principles of
self-worth through self-awareness
self-esteem through self-empowerment
self-enlightenment through self-knowledge

Document(s) for Self-Study
7 x 4 self study
The Calender Project

Spiritual Study
This is the study outline is based on Selections from the Husia and bibliography. There are seven main books and 17 sub-books. The outline reflects monthly study and voluntary membership facilitation of each main book. Selections from the Husia is used to introduce ancient spiritual Culture & Life.

Document(s) for Spiritual Study
temple study outline

Self Awareness is every Sun’s day (except 1st Sun’s day) at 3pm. All study materials is online and can be printed upon request.

In-person at 743 E. 75th | Conference Call 434.374.1376


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