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Briefing of Our Hekalu


Hekalu began as True Reflections and Freedom (TRaF). TRaF was an Afrikan heritage education organization from 2010 – 2012. After volunteering aboard, the founder became conscious of the dire need for holistic healthcare, economic and spiritual development, and cultural, environmental consciousness. The focus of True Reflections and Freedom is to fulfill the need to expand heritage to youth of Africa Descent. Access to holistic and positive heritage education enables the awareness of an international community identity and responsibility for young adults.

True Reflections and Freedom’s mission is to progressively advance Afrikan centered consciousness by providing Afrikan heritage education that guides and engages youth of the Diaspora. Our vision is to end mental, physical, and psychological bondage by cooperating and collaborating with entities promoting holistic healthcare, economic and spiritual development and cultural/environmental consciousness.


Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI (Temple of the Seven Principles) is a self-supported, Universal Afrikan Spiritual Temple established for the spiritual recovery and general welfare of the Afrikan people and the Afrikan world community. We advocate for the advancement of Afrikan spiritual understanding. This temple acknowledges the Transcendent regardless of the various traditions embraced.  Established in the Year of Our People (YOP), 6252, we gather weekly on Sunday’s and study from Husia and Odu Ifa, 3pm-5pm. First Sunday is in cooperation with the Temple of Afrikan Communities of Chicago (TACC), 3:30pm, 809 E. 42nd Pl.

 Our success with growing this temple depends on potential members, volunteers, supports like you. We would like to arrange time to discuss these and other ideas on how together we can put Chicago Afrikan community in view.

 We look forward to speaking to you soon. Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

 Quafin Anoa


Temple of the Seven Principles


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