Temple of the Seven Principles

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Our Original Intent
Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI began as True Reflections and Freedom (TRaF). TRaF was an Afrikan heritage education organization. The focus of True Reflections & Freedom was to fulfill the need to expand heritage to youth of Africa Descent. The original intent was to be an international cooperative. A cooperative allows for organizational operations to be owned and governed by the people it serves instead of other external governments. TRaF was incorporated as a non-for-profit from 2010-2012.

Our Current Progress
Continuing with the original intent, Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI is an international, self-governing, self-supported, Universal Spiritual Temple established to acknowledge the Creator and restore an ancient spiritual foundation for the healing of indigenous peoples of America and Africa. Located in the Chicago Territory, we provide a sacred space to advance Ancient spiritual understanding and practices to become spiritually whole to transcend ones full potential on Earth.

Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI was established in Tybi (November) 12, 6252 (2012). We gather weekly on Moon’s day (monday) for meditation & Sun’s day (Sunday) to study from Husia. Every first Sun’s day we collaborate with other Afrikan spiritual temples in the Chicago Territory. Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI is membership based and we do not recruit. Our mediation and study is open to the public and we look forward to meeting you.

Our Focus
The Temple focuses on spiritual awareness and ethical teachings. We embrace the Seven Principles of Nguzo Saba and believe that a true spiritual foundation is composed of the Seven Principles through exercises of self-awareness. Our common goal is to expound upon each of the Seven Principles to build strong communities.

Peace and Love
We Are All Energy